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For me, the Victorian era always conjures up images of rustling taffeta skirts, lace- lots of lace and little rooms with tiny fireplaces and knick knacks - lots of knick knacks! Even though my decorating taste is firmly grounded on minimalism it's hard not to appreciate the intricate ornamentation and craft that defined the Victorian period. I was fortunate to have inherited much of my family's jewelry, old and broken pieces, lovingly passed on from one generation to the next. One piece in particular has always stood out to me - a lady's wrist watch that I believe must have belonged to a distant grandmother or aunt. Most compelling is the fine detail that went into its design and its mellow patina. Design like this stands in contrast to the products we're used to seeing now but there's a sense of charm and exclusiveness to it that seems all the more relevant today and something worth sharing.

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