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Mid Century Modern: Kon-Tiki

I'm so crazy about these gorgeous mid-century style chairs from Bag of Love in England I was inspired to go mad with mid-century designs. I really had to do some research but it's a period I've always felt an affinity for so getting into the mind-set of those very creative 50s and 60s designers was both a challenge and pure joy. I'll feature more of my mid century designs that I created especially for these chairs in future blog posts but today it's all about Kon-Tiki.

Kon-Tiki drifted into the collective consciousness in the early 1950s soon after Thor Heyerdahl made his epic journey from South America to Polynesia on a small raft named, what else? - Kon-Tiki! The movie South Pacific made it's debut around that time also and the Tiki craze went wild. The rest may be history but we still love that Tiki style and it's becoming more collectable all the time.

This chair encompasses all the details that evoke the era - Kon-Tiki god, bamboo shoots and stylized shapes in a 1950s pallete of green, brown, grey and black and comes with an equally adorable footstool. What do you think - did I capture the era with this design? Voice or text me below!

See it now in my Vintage Reflections section at Bags of Love.


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