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Running with Style - Dining on Trend

Running with a good idea takes on a whole new meaning when you run with style - particularly when it comes to your dining table. However humble or extravagant your table may be, it will always take centre stage when families and guests gather, so why not dress it up?

I like to start with a stunning table runner and let it coordinate or contrast with with my decor. It can be used as a decorative focal point on its own or draped over a compatible tablecloth for added effect.

Table runners are a practical and affordable way to make an elegant or fun statement and define your dining space. Look for stylish colours or patterns that reflect your taste. I have an assortment of runners on hand - they're great for sparking a quick change of ambiance.

Table runners are also versatile so don’t hesitate to switch them up - use them to highlight side tables, a coffee table or buffets. Tradition has never been more modern!

Whether formal or informal, a well-dressed table leads to great entertaining and a memorable experience. However you decide to get together, in-person or over the cloud, let your guests be awed by your exquisite taste and decorating savvy - then sit back and enjoy the compliments coming your way.

I just ordered a table runner from my collection on Society 6 called Linear to check the quality. The new table runners are 100% cotton, washable and well-made with a crisp hand and bright colours. Currently the runners come in one size: 40.6 cm x 228.6 cm (16" x 90") but can be folded in a variety of ways to fit a smaller table. There are also separate matching coasters in each design - have a look!

Mid-century mod? A dainty floral? Or how about a dragon or beer-themed runner? Whatever your style -run with it and have fun. See the collection HERE


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