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Lampshades - Mid Century Modern

The bubble pendants or saucer shades as they were often referred to when they graced many mid-century homes in the 1950s, were the design brilliance of George Nelson (1908-1986), an American industrial designer and one of the founders of Modernism. Today, reproductions of his iconic white silhouettes still look as fresh and innovative as they did back then. My inspiration for Lampshades happened when I was helping a friend choose a replacement shade for her teak wall lamps - she selected a white pendant. As much as I love the classic white, I thought they'd be a fun fabric design if I added pops of colour to them. The grey scribbly background gives it a hand-sketched effect. I think George might even approve.

There are many fabric weights to choose from in this design but for home decor I'd recommend the soft but durable Velveteen for upholstery projects. If you want sheers the Poly Chiffon is light and airy. If you see this more as a fashion fabric the crepe or even the silky knit would be a good choice for dresses and tops.

Is the pattern a seamless repeat? Yes Pattern Size: See the Pattern ruler in the slide show below for accurate gaging. I may add additional sizes to the collection in the future. Note: The Pattern in my illustrations are not to scale. See Lampshades in the Mid Century Modern section HERE

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