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Octopus - Modern Contemporary

This is a fabric design I started a few years ago. Originally, it was just an illustration not meant for anything in particular and I had put it aside and forgot about it. I have hundreds of illustrations but it always comes as a nice surprise when I happen on one I've started and never quite finished. When I get around to working on them again they often end up looking completely different. You can see my original design in the slideshow below - it's a far stretch from what I ended up with. When I reworked it my focus was on the beautiful symmetry on the arms of the Octopus. It's much more stylized and it seems to work beautifully on fabric. What do you think? Drop me a voice mail or text comment below.

Is the pattern a seamless repeat? Yes Pattern Size: See the Pattern gauge image below or visit the website for accurate measurements. Note: The Pattern in my illustrations are not to scale.

"Octopus" is available on a number of fabric weights from upholstery to light weight sheers and knits - you can even order just a pillow case - all from Canadian manufacturer Art of Where. See the collection HERE

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