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Chantilly Lace Handbag

If you're anything like me you love handbags. I have a collection of them, love them all and use them all. But that doesn't mean I can resist the next pretty one I see. As a designer I was thrilled to find Bags of Love, a British company with gorgeous customizable leather handbags. I set to work and designed several - in addition to leather they also offer black patent, a choice of two sizes and an extraordinary ten-year guarantee! This is something I'm proud to put my art on. For Spring I wanted something feminine - and that's how Chantilly came to be. This design is all about lace , layers of it - topped off with a lustrous white pearl button and delicate pink. This will be a go-to carry-all. But wait...the best part is, it's all an illusion. Although the lace and pearl look real enough to touch, nobody will know that it's actually faux and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. That's my style!

See Chantilly at Bags of Love.

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