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Mid Century - reinterpreted

Sleek, timeless quirky or downright clever - no matter how you look at 1950s design it's popularity is unequivocal - it's no wonder mid century style always seems to be trending.

With clean lines, bold graphic design and minimal shapes - as a graphic artist this is an era that appeals to me on so many levels. Studying the artists of the time, the decorative abstract elements they used and the colour palettes that give this epoch it's distinctive quality provides me with endless inspiration to reinterpret the style and have some fun.

The result is a retro-inspired line of modern fabrics that are perfect for upholstering classic vintage-style furniture like the chairs below, recreating 50s fashion designs or perking up your home furnishings .

The chairs are available in Vintage Reflections at Bags of Love.

If DIY is more your style, order fabrics directly from Art of Where

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