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Florals? Go big and Go Home.

Sometimes, bigger really is better.

If I had my way I'd always be surrounded by flowers. I love seeing my garden popping up in the spring and the big beautiful blooms throughout the summer. It's also a habit of mine to photograph just about every bouquet of flowers I'm given - I love playing with their textures and colors and working them into my designs. These floral arrangements were so stunning they just had to be seen and by that I mean seen in a big way. There's nothing shy about these displays so if you're bored with dainty now is the time to act on impact! See the Flowers collection here

Home sewer? Large panels 54" x 39" are available at Art of Where. Turn the designs any way to suit your project and make it your own. See the fabric choices here.

Get free instructions for a pouf ottoman from Homedit.

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