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Sail Away

Jib setters are the new trend setters.

It was eleven years ago when we bought our boat - an old 25 ft motor-sailer. She came with a lot of nautical miles under her keel, a comfortable, well-worn interior and the usual signs of age any boat worth her salt exhibits after many pleasurable hours spent out on the water.

While my husband tended to the wiring, motor, spark plugs and all the un-pretty stuff I didn't want to see, I was already imagining the new curtains I'd make, the new cushion covers she'd get and all the comfort items she'd need to transform her into our home on the ocean. We often head out for a couple of weeks at a time and boats can be cramped and uncomfortable if you're not organized. A place for everything and everything in its place is important but one can't ignore the pretty necessities either. So I started designing a series of coordinated nautical cushions, galley towels and other items we'd need on board that I could also customize with the name of our boat or extend a "welcome aboard" to our guests. This was the inspiration for Sail Away! "Regatta", "Rendezvous" and "Flotilla" are breezy, fun designs in muted tones that integrate beautifully with any boat interior. Add your boat name to a cushion or your pet's name to his bowl or a welcoming sign on a serving tray and you'll shore up a trendy, sailorly style all your own . See the Sail Away Collection here.

Want to make it yourself? Purchase Rendezvous fabric at Art of Where!

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