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A classy women transcends time

In 1800, French socialite Madame Recamier stretched out on her chaise lounge and glanced over her shoulder assuredly while the celebrated painter, Jacques-Louis David, worked scrupulously to capture her renown beauty. Today, that painting is one of the most recognizable images of the neoclassic movement.

For centuries women have reposed or draped themselves over every manner of couch, blanket, haystack, chair or bed to have their likeness forever memorialized in paint. But there’s something about Madame Recamier – that pose, that look – she resonates a reserved elegance that has endured throughout the decades.

Although considered a great beauty in her day, I doubt even she could have imagined how her image would be copied and parodied over the years. There are sculptures, embroideries, wall plaques and cartoons - some of which are very funny.

A classy lady transcends time and I thought it would be fun to apply my own interpretation and give Madam a modern twist in a light-hearted illustration. With feminine touches like white Cabbage Roses that tumble throughout the folds of her dress, a stylized “do” and Madam herself floating on billowy clouds against a blue sky she looks fresh and new. There's also a charcoal or white background for a minimal look all of which are available on beautiful quality products to add a bit of romantic whimsey to your life.

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